Comfort First Physicians Group Frequently Asked Questions;

How does it work?

A physician meets patients regularly and works directly with Comfort First’s nursing staff to insure communication and continuity.

What if I have a health care need between visits?

Our care providers, nurses and Physicians Group all work together as a partnership. If something comes up between visits we can easily facilitate the issue or expedite another visit.

What health plans do you accept?

Comfort First Physicians Group contracts with most major insurance companies, Medicare and Medical Assistance. Certain restrictions may apply.


Convenient On site Quality medical care.


We take the confusion   and anxiety out of         Health Care…

  • Regularly Scheduled Visits
  • Oversight of prescriptions, refills, medical and prescription forms.
  • Collaboration with specialty care, hospitals and hospice.
  • Regular communication with family and nursing.


Sharing the vision, bringing great health care to you

Comfort First Physicians Group brings the clinic and the physician to you, right where you are.

Quality care Centered on you…

All of our physicians are Board Certified and have extensive experience in their specialties.

About Comfort First Physicians Group…

Physician led, experienced in all types of care, we can formulate a specialized care plan just for your situation. Careful monitoring of elderly and/ or high needs patients is what we do best.


Our billing structure is the same as any primary care giver, with direct billing to major health plans such as Medicare and Medicaid.

Proactive, not Reactive…

Our physician services offer a proactive approach to health care. We collaborate through close communication and ongoing coordination between on site staff, specialty services, physician care teams and family members.



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